Molly Sinnott, the mighty, mini-prophet

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Church, popular culture and you
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Molly Sinnott of Crofton’s St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish is the real deal. She just talked to the BYCC crowd about her mission experiences in Guatemala and the real life heroes living there. She then shared her thoughts on being a teen hero. The five-foot-two Sinnott got people stirring with the following:

“We can’t do this alone. We don’t have innate superpowers, but all we have is the Eucharist, which we consume every week to get our daily, weekly injection of Jesus, and Jesus has got the superpowers we need. There is no greater power to change the world than that which comes with the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the greatest hero this world has ever known because he has saved the lives of every person who has lived and will live. So the best thing we can do if we want to be heroes, we have to live for and like Jesus. That means loving unconditionally and waking up every morning saying ‘God what can I do for you and like you today?’ Amen.”

Click here to hear an audio of some of Molly’s message

  1. […] I posted Molly’s message earlier. Here is a Youtube clip I put together with the audio of her speech. The image comes courtesy of Sean Comber, a young adult from Pius X. Thanks, Sean! […]

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