“Well, I want to blame Jesus for dropping that pass”

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Church, popular culture and you, Sports
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God and Jesus  get a lot of credit in sports when someone crushes a game-winning home run or runs for 180 yards and three touchdowns.

Buffalo Bills receiver Steve Johnson wasn’t so lucky Sunday. He dropped a potential game-winning touchdown in his team’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Then he blamed God, who apparently had flipped to the Ravens game and lost his concentration.

Steve Johnson's tweet (yahoo.com)

  1. Alex Sosa says:

    why are yall so judgemental? Johnson is a spirtual guy who just had a bad moment. You guys are throwings stones but live in a glass house!

    • Matt Palmer says:

      Not judging. This is a blog that embraces sprituality, but you’d think that sprituality would be mature enough to not blame God for bad hands. God didn’t drop that pass. Johnson did. It feels like he could have done that praying, not tweeting.

  2. […] hasn’t been a good week for God on the gridiron. First, Bills receiver Steve Johnson took to twitter to blame God for his dropped overtime touchdown, now […]

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