Nativity's Advent Conspiracy

Full disclosure, my mother is a member of the Church of the Nativity in Timonium, Maryland. It’s a unique parish that isn’t afraid to be bold and different.

The video linked below is the homily of Nativity’s pastor, Father Michael White, last week. There are a number of reasons you should watch it, including Father White’s hilariously dead-on performance of Jacob Marley haunting his old friend Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol.”

Last year, Nativity implemented the successful national series, “Advent Conspiracy,” in the parish and helped communities in Nigeria by providing fresh, clean, sustainable sources of water.
Father White lists four steps to the conspiracy: worship fully, give more, spend less and love all.
It was so successful, Nativity is producing a sequel “to do Christmas better,” Father White told parishioners. Their mission this Advent season is to support a school lunch program in Haiti. Father White and parishioners went to Haiti to find a community that they felt Nativity could help in a fundamental way this year.
The photo above is from commitment bags given out at Nativity last week. To find out more, click here.
Check out Father White’s homily in the link below.

Advent Conspiracy II.

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