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Archbishop O'Brien concelebrates Mass in Madrid.

Keep logged on to today for all the news on Archbishop O’Brien’s new appointment today. He’s leaving the Archdiocese of Baltimore for a huge position and The Review has all the scoops. Fellow bloggers Chris Gunty and George Matysek have the latest information. Follow their tweets on and like Catholic Review on Facebook as well. You won’t miss anything on this very important news.

Jo-Anne Rowney is young, but plays an important role in the Catholic Church in England. As communication director of the Diocese of Westminster, she helped reach people all over the world when Pope Benedict XVI visited last year. Social media made her a major player in the trip and people could follow the pope’s moves. It was a powerful moment. In the audio below, she explains how she did it and what role social media can play in the church going forward. This was captured by me, for Baltimore’s The Catholic Review, during Rowney’s presentation at a World Youth Day social media panel.

Netherlands priest Father Roderick Vonhögen has gained international acclaim for his podcasting and social media approach. If you want to hear from a priest who “gets it,” this is it.

Check out this small sample of audio I recorded for The Catholic Review from his presentation during a panel at World Youth Day in Madrid.

During one of the early days of World Youth Day, Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York talked about the importance of faith to pilgrims. It’s interesting how he mentioned faith’s opponents, Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. Those two are just among many in popular culture who have found vehicles for their intellectual debates and rhetoric.

Anyway, check out this video I captured of Archbishop Dolan talking faith, logic and reason.

Everywhere we turned, there was someone singing or playing music. It was an incredible experience and here’s a short compilation I put together for The Catholic Review of some random music moments during the 10 days.

It’s been two days since I’ve returned to my life in Baltimore. The days of World Youth Day in Madrid seem like a year ago now as I get back to the daily grind of work, but I just thought I’d let all the kids know I’m missing following them and sharing their stories with the world.
I’ve still got stuff to put together from Madrid and Avila, including pictures and videos. But, before I go out on an assignment this morning for The Catholic Review, I thought I’d share the last group high five from Aug. 23 after a group prayer service in the city.

Check out homilies and teachings from Archbishop Dolan, World Youth Day attendees, music of the marchers and archdiocesan priests. It’s all here in mp3 format.

Father Marty’s homily

Archbishop Dolan’s homily at the U.S. Mass

The Sounds of World Youth Day

Archbishop Dolan answers teen questions

Archbishop Dolan’s first catechesis talk

Tour Guide explains what Madrid’s name means

Mount de Sales Grace Woo

Mount de Sales student Haley Jones

Mount de Sales student Veronica Zoeckler