Stunningly clear video of Pope’s arrival in Madrid

Posted: August 21, 2011 in Church, popular culture and you, Schools news, World Events, Young Adults, Youth

MADRID- When Pope Benedict arrived in Madrid for his World Youth Day welcome address Thursday, Baltimore was at the front of the line. Want to see how good of a view we had? Check out this awesome video filmed by Will Warner, a parishioner of The Cathedral of Mary Our Queen. Will is an insanely cool person, who was my row buddy on our flight to Paris on this trip. He’s also a student at Loyola Blakefield and is a skilled photographer for his age too. Despite a lot of pushing from people behind him, Will kept his cool and got this on film.
What a moment for him and all the pilgrims of Baltimore.

  1. […] the Spanish schedule that has messed with my own system) and sleep. (Video graciously provided by Matt and Will) Share this:FacebookEmailPrint Posted in: Church,Life | | Comments […]

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