The Archdiocese of Baltimore's pilgrims (plus me in the bottom middle!) after the final Mass at World Youth Day (Photo by Matt Palmer/The Catholic Review)

MADRID- We finished Mass with the Pope about two hours ago and the great upload begins. I have to work on a series of stories for The Catholic Review and uploads loads of blogs and video (the hotel internet is pretty tough to deal with bandwith-wise). So, things will be coming the rest of the day, including some very emotional videos and mp3 sounds of World Youth Day’s march of many nations yesterday.
Thank you so much for following me. Stay tuned. Although World Youth Day is over, the stories and blogs are just getting started. Keep it here and you will be amazed and moved, I promise.

  1. maryann clark says:

    Hello Mr. Palmer,
    Thanks to you we have been able follow the wonderful inspiring journey in Faith of Suzie and Katie and Bob Bechte, our son in law and grandaughters. It has been awesome and reminds me of the days years ago I took their mother and aunts to the Mall in DC and we spent the night on the mall so we could get up front to see Pope John Paul 11. The Journey continues ever stronger in a world that needs Him even more. ThanksYou

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