A high school upperclassmen’s guide for a freshman

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Steward Beckham

So, you’re a high school freshman a week into the school year, huh? Someone try to sell you an elevator pass yet? Not everyone is out to get you. Take Mount St. Joseph senior Steward Beckham for instance. He wrote the guide for freshmen below. Check it out. It might help you out. I thought it was extremely cool.

“Freshmen year is scary. It is filled with new obstacles along with new opportunities. From the first day of orientation, to the first freshmen football game, to the last day of finals, this year is faster, harder, and more eventful than ever before. Below are some tips to help you through, from the perspective of someone who has been there.

• Become well acquainted with teachers
o Teachers can only help students to their full potential if they know a student’s interests, as long as their strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you talk to your new teachers and make sure they know your goals.
• Make a list of goals for Freshmen Year
o Lists are one of the oldest and simplest organizers. However, they keep you on track and remind you why your parents pay for your education. Make a list of achievements and work furiously to earn them. A good book on how to develop an effective list is the Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande.
• Start thinking about life after high school
o When the idea pops into your head that colleges look at your freshmen year, do not panic. This thought process is more blessing than stress. Make sure that you realize freshmen year establishes the roots to your education. Try your best and plan ahead.
• Ask Questions
o We were given a mouth for a reason. Do not be afraid to use this mouth to find answers to things that might draw a blank. Teachers love answering questions and love a student who is not afraid to ask.
• Figure out your hobbies
o The first step to building your leadership status is here. By figuring out your hobbies you will be able to look at the numerous lists of clubs and sports and discover which one is best for you. This is also good training for when you look for jobs and internships. Everyone strives to be the best at what they do; however, the best have been doing it for a while.
• The famous two words: Time Management
o Managing time is like driving a car. You can drive the car carefully and plan according to the environment, or you can rely on impulse. This is the most important skill to learn so you can successfully balance business and pleasure. Without time management, homework would be incomplete and sports practice would be missed. So please, use your planner, buy a calendar and build yourself a routine now, because it only gets harder from here.
• Have fun
o Finally, the last thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy your time in high school. Whether it’s the football team or the literary magazine, design an environment that will facilitate your growth and gift you with friends that will last a lifetime.”

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