Loyola Blakefield’s football program readies for Turkey Bowl

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Church, popular culture and you, Movie Reviews, Schools news, Sports, Young Adults, Youth
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Loyola Blakefield coach Brian Abbott is hoping for a Turkey Bowl victory.

Yesterday, I shared some items on Calvert Hall’s rise as a football program. I have a story coming out in The Catholic Review about the Turkey Bowl this week, but wanted to share some tidbits from both Loyola Blakefield and Calvert Hall’s program as each prepares for the big game that takes place nine days from now. Until then, Calvert Hall is preparing for the MIAA A Conference championship.
That means plenty of scouting time for Loyola(4-5) and the Turkey Bowl is of the utmost importance for the Dons. Because of their schedule, Loyola players really haven’t seen Calvert Hall games too much this season.
“This game’s a huge deal to us,” senior Deemer Class said. “This has always been the biggest game.”
Loyola has lost the last two games after dominating the series for years. For some players, that means a ruined Thanksgiving.
“It kills me inside that I haven’t won one yet,” admits senior Jordan Horne. “The feeling is terrible. You get home and don’t want to eat.”
Classmate Jordan Floyd said it’s time to turn the page and shock Calvert Hall.
“Great teams come through and win the Turkey Bowl,” Floyd said.

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