Beyond the CR pages: Calvert Hall’s Thanksgiving food drive

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Church, popular culture and you, Schools news, Social Justice, World Events, Young Adults

In this week’s Catholic Review, you’ll see a brief item about Calvert Hall’s annual Thanksgiving food drive, which collected 13,000 pounds of food for a series of local outreaches. The classes from the all-boys Towson high school even turned it into a contest to see who could collect the most cans.

Campus minister Marc Parisi was kind enough to forward some thoughts from the students at Calvert Hall on this effort. The photo was taken by Evan Zimmer, an intern here at The Catholic Review and a member of the class of 2013 at Calvert Hall.

“I really appreciated our theme this year, ‘A place at the table’ because
it made me think not only of myself but the needs of everyone in our
community.”~ Junior John Maenner

“The best thing about our annual food drive is knowing that all our
efforts are going towards making someone else’s thanksgiving a whole lot
better.” – Senior Nate Swartz

“Boxing all the food was a job I really enjoyed! I know it’s cheesy, but
it’s a great feeling to know that we are able to do something for others
who are less fortunate.” – Junior Jimmy Grem

“This year’s food drive was about giving back to our greater community.
The desire to bring in as much as we could to help others fueled great
participation from students and faculty.” Senior Dan Binette

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