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TJ Dygert is going to leave a legacy of life at Loyola University Maryland. And he’s not apologizing for it. But, he’s also going to do it peacefully and prayerfully and hope others begin to view opposing abortion as as a social justice issue. Check out this video interview with him at the March for Life in Washington Jan. 25.

Madeline Hill and Dominick Tardogno are two teens who came from Howard County to take part in the March for Life. First, though, they went to a rally and Mass at the Verizon Center in Washington. Hill is a parishioner of Church of the Resurrection in Ellicott City and Tardogno is a parishioner of St. Augustine’s in Elkridge.
Both are passionate and eloquent when talking about their stances on the pro-life movement in this interview I did for Catholic Review. If this is the future of the movement, it’s in good hands. Enjoy.

The March for Life brought out thousands of people Jan. 23, 2012. The crowd was overflowing with teenagers passionate about protecting the unborn. Here is a short example of students from The John Carroll School in Bel Air, Md. showing they care about the issue.

Although he admitted that he often has trouble speaking English, Colombian-born Bishop Luis Zarama, an auxiliary of Atlanta won over the crowd of 23,000 teens at NCYC in mid-November with his keynote talk one night.
Hear him talk to young people now, encouraging them to not only text their friends, but text God as well.

In the Catholic music world, Tom Booth is a modern legend and he has served as a mentor to several major stars, including Matt Maher. In the early 1990s, Booth wrote Mass settings and ritual music. Those arrangements, the “Mass of Life,” have been used across the country since 1993.
Now that the new translation of the Roman Missal is being implemented next weekend, that means Booth’s long-used music is being shelved.
I’m working on a story for The Catholic Review and Scott Miller, director of the Division of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, took me to Booth following the National Catholic Youth Conference finale Mass Nov. 19. Scott told him what I was working on and Booth smiled. Most kids didn’t realize they were participating in the swan song of “Mass of Life.”
Listen to him prepare the youths here.
Booth was still emotional. He just helped guide the worship of nearly 25,000 people inside Lucas Oil Stadium with the settings that would be retired that night.
“I wrote it 20 years ago and it’s been published and sung for years,” Booth told me after the Mass. “I kind of waved goodbye to it when we sang the ‘Amen.’ I blew it a kiss.”
At that moment, Booth grabbed his sheet music, signed it and gave it to me.

I asked: “It was that emotional, huh?”
Booth shook his head and offered, “I don’t want to think about it.”
What’s happening in America next weekend is a huge deal. Many adjustments will have to be made. While we welcome what’s coming, let’s cherish what has been so important in attracting millions to the faith during the last few decades.
I know I won’t forget Tom Booth anytime soon.

UPDATE: Tom Booth is considering adapting his “Mass Of Life” for the new translation.

Archbishop O'Brien concelebrates Mass in Madrid.

Keep logged on to today for all the news on Archbishop O’Brien’s new appointment today. He’s leaving the Archdiocese of Baltimore for a huge position and The Review has all the scoops. Fellow bloggers Chris Gunty and George Matysek have the latest information. Follow their tweets on and like Catholic Review on Facebook as well. You won’t miss anything on this very important news.

This week you’ll see a story in The Catholic Review about Baltimore Catholics keeping the faith when it comes to the Orioles. You’ll meet Calvert Hall English teacher Brendan Bailey, a 28-year-old super fan, who grew up in St. Joseph, Fullerton, and current is a parishioner of St. Ursula in Parkville.
Here’s a Q&A I had with him.

What’s your earlier Orioles memory?

I cannot remember a time when I was not a fan of the Baltimore Orioles. Some of my earliest memories involve going with my dad down to Memorial Stadium, and feeling like the whole place was so much larger than life. That massive dedication wall seemed like it reached up to the Heavens for a little kid, and seeing the guys whose baseball cards I collected in real life felt too good be true.

What hooked you on the team and did you have a favorite player and why?

The Ripken brothers were definitely my idols growing up. My grandfather was a close friend of Cal Senior, and often spoke about the man’s dedication and work ethic. His boys were heroes to me. I played 2nd base in little league and always dreamed of being able to turn a double play as smoothly and cleanly as Billy Ripken, and thought it was fascinating that two brothers could be beside one another on the infield of a major league team. I’m still the only guy I see wearing a Billy Ripken jersey down to Camden Yards. But Cal is a hero to this city. His humility, work ethic, and talent made him every kid in Baltimore’s favorite player.

Did you have a childhood where they were mostly good or average as a team?

I vividly remember the 1996 and 1997 seasons; that wire-to-wire year in 1997 was absolutely unforgettable.

Why did you buy season tickets amidst all the bad teams they’ve had?

When I was finally old enough and financially able to make the investment, it seemed like a no-brainer. A real fan stands by his team regardless of the win-loss record. My faith in their future merits my support. For my wife and I, the season ticket plan is a guaranteed date night every other week. What better place to be with your sweety than in the most beautiful ballpark in America watching the team you have loved your entire life?

How hard have the last couple of years been to watch?

I think last year’s season was the hardest of all. In years past, the team didn’t really give much hope in the first place, but last year for some reason Dave Trembley had me convinced that the team was really going to put it together. After watching Adam Jones and Matt Wieters clobber home runs in the opening game, I took it as a sign. However, the more appropriate sign was the blown save at the end of that game, and the blown season that fell apart in front of my eyes.

What gets you through the bad seasons and what keeps you coming back to the team?

I come back again and again because one day, hopefully sooner rather than later, this is a team that will turn things around. This is a city that is desperately trying to love its baseball team again, and when the pieces come together and the team takes that wild ride through the playoffs, I want to sit in those stands and know with pride that I was with them through it all.

How much Orioles merchandise do you have? Favorite jersey you own?

Too much, and my collection seems to grow every season. Probably a half dozen hats, 4 or 5 jerseys, and more t-shirt tuesday shirts featuring former orioles than I could wear in an entire season! My real joy is collecting bobbleheads; I have a growing collection in my Orioles-themed basement. I also love signed Orioles gear. My favorite piece of them all is my Billy Ripken jersey; I can’t tell you how many times people at Camden Yards have asked me, “Wasn’t Ripken’s number 8?” I wonder if Billy gets that a lot!

Have you ever lost hope or gotten to the point where you’ve said prayer for something involving the Orioles?

I refuse to pray for sports teams; I tell that to my students all the time too. God has more important things to do than worry about whether the Orioles win or lose. But, let’s not forget, Jesus always reached out to the underdogs, the people most ignored by society, those people most cast off and hated. Doesn’t that seem to suggest that Jesus would be an Orioles fan?!

What are you most excited about this season?

I want to see Brian Matusz and Jake Arrieta become the aces that I know they are capable of being. I want to see Guthrie finally establish himself as the professional veteran #1 starter that O’s fans believe he can be. And, more than anything in the world, I want to see Matt Wieters be the first Oriole to hit a homerun off the warehouse.

Do you think they’ve got the pieces to compete?

If Matuz, Arrieta, Britton, and Bergesson continue to develop, yes. It all comes down to starting pitching.

Are you going to Opening Day?

Absolutely. It is the most exciting day of the year for me. Go O’s!